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Mosaic Mishap

Last summer I worked on several pique assiette planters which are pictured on this site under Outdoor Mosaics.  The largest pot “Grown in the USA” was the first pot I made.  I originally sealed the pot with Terra Cotta Spray  sealer which I purchased at Michaels.  I also used up a can of gray paint primer on top of that.  This was not a properly sealed planter.

As the winter progressed, the chipmunks decided to move into the planter and neatly laid all the plants out on my porch to die. Meanwhile, the moisture and frost went to work behind the mosaic to destroy the terra cotta pot.

It was fairly obvious during the winter that the pot was in trouble.  Cracks started to appear fairly quickly.  I knew that by Spring, the rim would come apart and it appeared that the pot may have cracked all the way through.

The cracks did not reach the bottom, making it even harder to repair but “Grown in the USA” is whole again.  This time, all exposed areas were sealed with UGL DryLok®, cracks were repaired with Rigid Wrap®.  The planter looks almost as good as new.